01 May 2014

New Release: Recruitment Blueprint by Roy Ripper

Written by  J Watford Published in Blog


Roy Ripper, a leading recruiter trainer with an excellent global reputation, has just released his very first book, Recruitment Blueprint: Control the Deal and Make More Placements. We are very pleased to have worked with him on this debut title, providing him with a full e-book publishing package—editing, formatting, e-book conversion and cover design. The book was only launched last week, but Roy and his team have marketed it so well that it made its way into the bestseller list in three categories on Amazon within a few days of publishing. 

Roy's success as a first-time author can give us a few insights into how to market your self-published book to your target readers.

First of all, Roy built his extensive reader base long before his book came out. By posting engaging and educational content online, he established his reputation as a leader in his field. He is also active on social media and has many followers on Facebook and Twitter. He has built up his brand so well that his name is now associated with world-class recruiter training. Because people see him as an authority, they are happy to buy his book. 

Roy also made use of a marketing strategy that many authors tend to shy away from: the e-mail subscription list. A fear that many of us have about building a mailing list is that our readers might think that we're spamming them and that this will consequently put them off our books. Sure, there are people who will hit the 'unsubscribe' button the moment you send them an e-mail because they're simply not interested in what you have to say. But these people are not your readers. Your readers are the people who are genuinely interested in your writing and will click open each e-mail you send them because they know it will contain something useful to them. These very same people will need little encouragement to buy your book. 

Platforms are very important for self-published authors so if you haven't done so yet, start building yours now. Establish an online presence and meet people who will be interested in your ideas and work. Build up your mailing list and share your ideas with your followers and subscribers. Keep in mind every time you write a blog post or e-mail that you are writing it for your future readers. If you get them hooked now, you will have a big group of readers eagerly awaiting your book.


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